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playpen and creative dump for all things MelloxNear

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Name:MelloNear fans
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:creative playground & sandbox for MelloxNear fans

Hello and welcome to a MelloxNear community in Dreamwidth. In this place, we welcome fanfics, fanart, FSTs, fan-videos, doujinshi scans, icons, banners and any other creative expression i have failed to mention.


✎ Tag your entries. This is to make finding all posts related to the tag, well, findable. Tag List.
✎ Respect the other members. A bit of niceness goes a long way.
✎ Pictures larger than 400x400 need to be put behind a cut. Large posts, especially width-wise, causes very ugly page stretch. How To.
✎ Put Ratings on your fics. This is just good practice.
✎ Please keep all creative works MelloxNear centric. Love triangles and Crossovers are OK.
✎ Do not post your email address in request posts. This is another good practice.

☃ As you can see, these Rules are just common sense. Having common sense makes all of us winners.
☃ Rules will be added if bad things happen. May that day not come.


Death Note © Takeshi Obata & Tsugumi Ohba
layout is by [community profile] imagination


PM me to be added! 8D

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