Seeing as i have no better ideas to add to this community at this moment, and there aren't many members, this community is open for posting by all members as of today.

☀ What to expect
When we get enough active members, i am going to start a little and simple activity. It also depends on who i see joining this community. ;)

If we get a lot of writers, i will start a theme based drabble-fest of sorts. And if we get lots of artists (or just people who are artistically inclined), we will have a theme based doodle-fest. Of course, these plans aren't fixed (yet) and i welcome any suggestions (always). c:

Compared to other sub-fandoms in Death Note, MelloxNear is sadly lacking in the number of fan contributions. I want to prevent this fandom from dying out completely, but this only works if people are inspired to keep creating MelloxNear material.

So welcome, and Happy Posting! :)


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